Let’s Review: HAYWIRE

I’m still trying to work out what happened…

HAYWIRE is definitely not your typical secret agent/”private contracting company”/government agency/double-crossed spy movie. The style is different.

For example, there are silent chase scenes with just music. The fight scenes are pretty silent, too. A lot of the movie has 0 talking. Nothin’. Just running. And fighting.

Half the time I didn’t know what was going on. I was like “huh?”

There were quite a lot of main players in the story. There was the girl (Gina Carano), the other agent (Channing Tatum), the boss (Ewan McGregor with no accent), the government guy (Michael Douglas), the English agent (Michael Fassbender, fully clothed this time), the Spanish guy (Puss in Boots), the tiny Dublin guy (I don’t even know who he is) and little Elliot from Will and Grace as some kid Gina Carano carjacks.

Get all that? Because I hardly did.

But I will say that in the movie, we see some good old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat. Yes, they all have guns, too, but there’s a lot of real fighting going on, too. Gina Carano is one bad chick! Her personality is robotic, but her moves were AWESOME. She’s one sexy killing machine. I definitely think we’ll see her in another action flick, and not just TV shows and documentaries as herself.

We get some answers in the end…but not all of them. There’s one loose end that I still don’t understand why she didn’t tie up.

This movie is also quite short. Just 93 minutes. Is that 93 minutes worth $10.50 in the box office?

HAYWIRE is in theatres today, Jan. 20, 2012.

So what do I think?

It was….interesting. Different?

What do you think?

Comment if you see it.

Watch the trailer:

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