Let’s Review: END OF WATCH

The story was pretty good. From the trailer, I had thought that the whole movie was Jake Gyllenhaal (Brian Taylor) and Michael Peña (Mike Zavala) trapped in a house and how they have to get out. But it’s not! There’s more than just “we’re going to shoot ourselves out.” This action/drama/mystery (i didn’t see any mysteries in it, though) is an inside look into the lives of two Los Angeles police officers working on the meanest streets filled with guns, money and drug cartels. We see their home lives, their cop lives, and how they handle the balance between the two.

I would like to ask the screenwriter of this film one question. Do cops and criminals literally talk like  that, or is the F-word the only swear word you know? I mean, good Lord, it was “F this, you mother F-ing F, what the F, we’re going to F-ing do this sh-, like F man, it’s F-ing now we gonna F-ing F them up, those F-ing motherFers F FF FfFFfFFFFFFF.”

If you see the movie, you’ll know that was not an exaggeration. If you’re sensitive to language, definitely skip this one.

It’s shot by a combination of third person camera bouncing along with the chase scenes, and Jake Gyllenhaal holding a camera himself. If you get queasy/nauseous with that kind of filming, you’ll want to sit near the back and pop a Dramamine or something.

END OF WATCH is in theatres Sept. 21, 201. It is rated R for strong violence, some disturbing images, pervasive language (SERIOUSLY), including sexual references, and some drug use. It is 1 hour and 49 minutes long.

So what do I think?

If you like cop movies with lots of violence and strong language, it’s for you. If you’re not into that, don’t go.

What do you think?


Watch the trailer:

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1 Response to Let’s Review: END OF WATCH

  1. Hilarious review! 🙂 I can totally understand the frustration with cursing – it seems like every movie think it’s necessary these days!

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