It’s Snow White re-vamped. Don’t come expecting the original story! NOTE: the very last scene right before the credits was my favorite part of the whole movie. The concept of the mirror on the wall (who is the fairest of them all?) was completely re-designed as well. Like, completely different. And I  loved it.

Cons: But I do think some scenes are probably a little scary for kids under 5 (beasts and very creepy giant puppets attacking the dwarves). Julia Roberts’ “English”/royal accent was just bad. It was in and out every other word and I couldn’t even tell what exactly she was trying to talk like. Kids won’t notice that, though.

Pros: The colors of the costuming and the set are fantastic.



 Lily Collins is very pretty as Snow White (yes, a pretty Snow White- go figure that, Snow White and the Huntsman). She does a very nice job in her sweet role as the princess. 

 MIRROR MIRROR is in theatres March 30, 2012.It is rated PG for some fantasy action and mild rude humor. It is 1 hour and 46 minutes long.  So what do I think?Take the kids and go see it!! It’s a fun time. What do you think?Comment! Watch the trailer:

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