Let’s Review: 21 JUMP STREET

This movie is so dumb it’s hilarious. It covers rowdy teenagers, shooting guns, car chases, drugs, drinks, and everything that comes with using them. It’s like SUPERBAD meets COPS!

This movie is a reprise of the 80’s television show of the same name, which starred Johnny Depp (yes, he did TV).

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) were the geek and popular guy, respectively, who weren’t exactly “simpatico” back in high school.  Five years later they’re partnered in the police in the “21 jump street” squad because they look young enough to pass as high schoolers.

They are put undercover to take down a dangerous synthetic drug at a high school. Their leader: Ice Cube. You’ve never seen him more hilarious than in this movie. You’ll be thanking Korean Jesus for whoever chose him for this role!

This is Channing Tatum’s 3rd movie of 2012. January- Haywire. February- The Vow. March- 21 Jump Street. This is quite a year for Channing so far!

Jonah Hill has dropped a lot of weight this year. Since the Sitter, he has shrunk almost in half, and he’s looking pretty good. Congrats, Jonah!

Together, they make a fairly funny comedic duo. Their chemistry is good with equal funniness coming from both of them. And they totally set up the ending for a sequel, so we may get to see them together again!

The high school kids (Dave Franco, Spencer Boldman, Brie Larson) all do a bang-up job as well, like other supporting cast members like Jake Johnson (New Girl), Ellie Kemper (The Office, Bridesmaids), Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec), and Rob Riggle (in everything from The Hangover to Stepbrothers.)

The cast is a smorgasbord of  professional funny people with the credits to prove it.

21 JUMP STREET is in theatres March 16, 2012.

It’s rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, drug material, teen drinking and some violence. It is 1 hour and 49 minutes long.

So what do I think?

If you want a stupid good time at the movies, go see it, but take your friends who know how to party.

What do you think?

Did you agree? Comment!

Watch the trailer: 



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