This is not just “a movie.” It’s a FILM, complete with a talented director, beautiful cinematography, amazing acting, a fresh plot line and great characters.

It’s a beautiful film.

The biggest triumph in the movie is Thomas Horn as Oskar Schell, a nine-year old who fancies dress shoes for everyday wear, is terrified of almost everything and has a tambourine to keep him calm. He says the test for Aspberger’s was inconclusive, but, he is.

Oskar is an amazingly complex character who is super smart, mature and wise beyond his years. Thomas won $31,000 at Kids Week on Jeopardy last year, so he really is super smart, too. He is also an amazingly complex actor who is able to capture Oskar as if he were born for this role. He is incredible.

Sandra Bullock, as his mother, plays her role outstandingly as well. Her tears are real, and you will be touched. We don’t see the Blind Side or The Proposal or All About Steve or Miss Congeniality. She is Linda Schell, widow and mother.

Max von Sydow does not have a name. He is just “the renter.”  But he is a great character. You will understand everything he says, feels and thinks. Even though does not speak a single word during the entire film.

Tom Hanks is dead in this movie. But he does play a loving father and husband when we see him in flashbacks. He was on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

The film is all about the journey, Oskar’s journey, as he finds the answer to a mysterious key left by his father. He meets all kinds of people and forces himself to travel all around New York, two things of which he is terrified.

While this is a more dramatic film, you’ll be laughing through your tears at some moments. It’s a ride that director Stephen Daldry invites you on as we get a peek into the brilliant mind, and life of Oskar as we see how he deals with his father’s death. Enjoy it.

EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE is in theatres Jan. 20, 2012

So what do I think?

Go see it. But only if you like REAL movies and you love cinema. This is a piece of art.

What do you think?

Comment when you see it. Was it amazing, or not so?

Watch the trailer:

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  1. gin says:

    It is a very real emotional expierence to have at the movies. Yes Oskar was amazing to say the least. The director and actors all took you to ere they wanted you to feel. I cry at most movies like this, but htis one well, it was even good for me, I had just lost someone very close to me and I need to let go and this one did it for me.

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