Let’s Review: WE BOUGHT A ZOO

“We Bought a Zoo” is the true story of Benjamin Mee, a widowed man and his two children  who buy an old farmhouse, along with a zoo. Yes, a zoo.

And it’s utterly delightful.

The dialogue  is very funny, which well-cast actors that fit the vibrant personalities present in the story of the Rosemoor Wildlife Park.

If you love animals, you will definitely love this movie.

It is OK for all ages, (but mind, there are a few “dammits” and “hells” here and there). It really is a PG family story that the kids will enjoy, and you’ll get a lot out of it, too.

Although there are a lot of laughs in store, there is a lot of emotion, too. And Matt Damon is able to convey grief and determination all in one. Scarlett Johansson is believable as a slightly masculine zookeeper, and future love interestm of course, because she’s too pretty not to be.

The kids in the movie do a terrific job, too. Maggie Jones is the most little adorable face you will ever see on screen, and has a real talent. But they cast her as 7 years old, but she does not sound or look anything past 5, at the most. But her maturity and innocence pours out of the screen. Both Colin Ford and Elle Fanning (yes, sister of Dakota) also do great jobs, but both have a laundry list of tv shows and films they’ve appeared in already, so that’s not unexpected.

The story is real, and they portray it that way. It’s honest and heartfelt. Plus, it has animals-It’s a winner!

WE BOUGHT A ZOO is in theatres on December 23.

So what do I think?

Bring the whole family! It’s a great movie, and is in theatres just in time for Christmas break.

What do you think?

Will you go see it? When you do, comment about it!

Watch the trailer:

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3 Responses to Let’s Review: WE BOUGHT A ZOO

  1. lilmissmovie says:

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  2. natty nook says:

    I just saw the trailer for this movie last night and I am DEFINITELY going to see it with my mom! It looks amazing!–Kirby

  3. Can’t wait to see this. Thanks for the review!

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