Let’s Review: NEW YEAR’S EVE

Yes, it’s like Valentine’s Day, but better.

The smorgasbord of celebrities delivers more funny this time around, with a funny holiday film that is quite enjoyable, and unpredictably, not as predictable.

With a famous face at every turn, the movie has an element of surprise with every new scene. The dialogue is terrific, and I don’t think I need to comment on the competence of the actors.

Sure, using  all those A-listers is just a gimmick, but it really is a nice holiday movie, for both Christmas AND New Year’s. It’s a fun movie that will leave you with a festive, fun mood.

The cast includes:

Tip: DEFINITELY stay for the credits. The bloopers are the most hilarious part of the entire movie!

Watch the trailer:


NEW YEAR’S EVE is in theatres on Dec. 9

So what do I think?

Go see it with your friends. You’ll laugh the whole time!

What do you think?

Will you see it?


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I love going to see movies. Especially free ones.
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1 Response to Let’s Review: NEW YEAR’S EVE

  1. Sofia says:

    Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog anf following, it really mean a lot and you won’t be dissapointed I promise :). I have my doubts about this movie, but I’m still gonna go watch it and hope it’s good :).

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