Let’s Review: WAR HORSE

If you love horses, you will love this movie. If you don’t like horses, you will love them after you see this movie.

WAR HORSE is a rousing, epic picture about a boy and his horse, and the dramatic story about how they are reunited after World War I.

It also happens to be Steven Spielberg’s first movie with an animal since Jaws in 1975.

The thick accents are hard to understand sometimes, but it adds to the rustic nature of the Devon countryside at the time, so I let it slide. The characters were very well-cast, with great actors that all looked their parts.

You’ll laugh quite a bit, at a comical goose, and some funny dialogue interspersed a bit, but you’ll also cry once or twice. It’s really the most beautiful story based on a stage play based on a book I’ve ever seen.

For two hours, you will witness the horrors of war, with glimpses of heroism and integrity.  It is a true war movie, but it comes with elegant death scenes, and visually stunning landscape imagery with the goose bump-inducing music of John Williams.

You’ll want your own horse by the time the movie’s over.

Keep in mind, it’s PG-13 for “intense sequences of war violence,” so leave the littler ones at home, but there’s really no blood or gore. That being said, EVERYONE will like this movie.

So what do I think?

You should go see it. It’s amazing.

What do you think?

Will you go see it? Let me know in the comments!

Watch the trailer:

WAR HORSE comes out in theatres on Christmas Day.

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