Where to find FREE screening passes!

Do you wonder how awesome-cool people like me get into free advanced screenings?

First of all, what are they?

Screenings are a way to see upcoming movies for free, before they’re in theatres. They could be shown a month, a week or a day before the release. They’re set up by the studios to try and get feedback from audiences, and so people who’ve seen it already can tell their friends about it for when it comes out.

Let’s get to sites where you can print out free passes!



Here’s some sites that regularly have contests so you can WIN those free tickets!





You got some passes!! Now what?

You’ll probably notice it says “first come, first served, please arrive early.” They’re not kidding!! Definitely be at the theatre at least ONE HOUR EARLY.

If the movie looks totally awesome and you think it’ll be really popular, come EVEN EARLIER THAN THAT. Seriously, because they won’t let you in once the theatre’s full!



About lilmissmovie

I love going to see movies. Especially free ones.
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